Nebula Notebook Li-ion Battery PCM Tester

This tester is suitable for laptop battery PCM test.

Product Detail


This tester is suitable for laptop battery PCM test. It is a comprehensive tester, which mainly aims to download, calibrate and test the parameter and protection functions of Gas Gauge IC (BQ20Z45, BQ20Z75, BQ28Z610, BQ3050, BQ3055, BQ3060, BQ40320, BQ40Z55, BQ40Z50, BQ30Z55, BQ34Z100 BQ9000, BQ40Z551, BQ27546, BQ27742, BQ27741 )

System features:

1. Support various gas gauge ICs, quick test and high accuracy

2. Independent channels and modular design makes it easy to maintain. Sophisticated data reporting function

3. Simultaneous testing for each independent channel: superior testing speed;

4. High accuracy

5. Support F/W Upgrade

6. The test data can be uploaded to the server for data management.

Test Items:

1、Basic Characteristic Tests:

Voltage test

Open circuit Voltage

Load Voltage

Static Consumption Current


IDR Test

THR Test

2、Protection Test Items

Over voltage Test of Pack

Over voltage/under voltage test of single cell

Charging over current/discharging over current test

Short circuit protection/over temperature protection

Over voltage secondary protection test of GAS GAUGE IC

3. Data Test Items:

1. Write data flash image

2. Write serial number and manufacture date automatically

3. Calibration of current/voltage offset (CC OffsetADC OffsetDSC Offset

4. Voltage calibration

5. Temperature calibration

6. Current calibration


  Index Range Accuracy
Output Analog battery output voltage 100~5000mV ±(0.01%R.D+0.01%F.S)
Analog battery output current 0~3000mA ±(0.01%R.D+0.02%F.S)
Constant current source output voltage 20-4000mV ±(0.01%R.D+0.01%F.S)
Constant current source output current 30A~50A Download Time: 5~10mS
20A~30A ±(0.01%R.D+0.02%F.S)
3A~20A ±(0.01%R.D+0.02%F.S)
20mA~3000mA ±(0.01%R.D+0.01%F.S)
DC resistance measurement (four-wire system) 2mΩ~100mΩ ±(0.1%R.D+1mΩ)
100mΩ~1000mΩ ±(0.1%R.D+10mΩ)
Charger output/measurement voltage 20-5000mV ±(0.01%R.D+0.01%F.S)
5000-20000mV ±(0.01%R.D+0.05%F.S)
Charger output/measurement current 20~3000mA ±(0.01%R.D+0.01%F.S)
Adjustable programming voltage of IC 3.5V~21V ±(0.05%R.D+20mV)
Analog temperature output voltage of TMC 100~5000mV ±(0.1%R.D+1mV)
Output Voltage of HDQ/SMD/SMC 1500~3300mV ±(0.5%R.D+20mV)

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