Development History
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Second prize of the 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Award;

 Listed among the first batch of special “little giant” enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C.

• Established Fujian Contemporary Nebula Energy Technology Ltd. in a joint venture with CATL with the target to promote smart energy applications.


A new holding company, Fujian Nebula Testing Technology Co., Ltd., was founded to provide testing services for power battery manufacturers.

• Developed integrated non-vehicle DC charger as contribution to development of new energy automobile industry;

• Launched the first automatic assembly line for fuel cell membrane electrode processing.


Officially listed in Growth Enterprise Market, stock code 300648;

• The wholly-owned subsidiary Nebula Intelligent Equipment was founded;

• Restructuring the Stereoscopic Warehouse, AGV and fully automatic testing, launch intelligent manufacturing production line of power lithium battery system.


The first automatic production line for soft battery pack solution of automobile battery module

 The first semi-automatic production line for cylindrical car battery pack module;

  Developed the first PACK EOL test.


Built the first fully automatic production line for soft cell phone batteries used at the production line of Apple cell phone batteries.

 Developed smart converters with energy storage to provide solutions for the energy storage power stations.


 Developed NE400, an operating condition simulation based test system for power battery for the new energy vehicle market featuring world-wide leading function and performance.


Developed the first domestic 18650 automatic sorting system and automatic spot welding system.

 Developed test system for power lithium battery protection board and finished product used in electric power tools, electric bicycles, drones and other relevant fields.


 Entered the supply chain of Samsung and Apple


Nebula was founded

 Successfully developed the first domestic test system for laptop lithium battery pack protection board