IN 2005


Nebula founded
Successfully developed the first notebook lithium battery pack protection board test system in China;

IN 2009


Entered the supply system of SMP, the world's largest notebook lithium battery supplier;
Entered the supply system of Samsung and Apple;

IN 2010


Launched the 18650 cell automatic sorting system and the cylindrical cell automatic spot welding system;
Entered the field of power lithium battery pack testing, and launched power lithium battery pack protection board test system and finished product test system;

IN 2011


Entered the field of new energy vehicle measurement and control, focusing on the research and development of high-power test equipment and energy feedback charging and discharging equipment;

IN 2014


Entered the field of energy storage and develop DC micro-grid systems;
Introduced the first automatic assembly production line for automotive soft pack power battery modules in China and a battery pack offline detection system;

IN 2015


Introduced the automatic production line of automotive cylindrical power battery module and battery system assembly line;

IN 2016


Introduced the overall solution for cell automation components;
Launched square and soft pack power battery module welding production line and AGV solution PACK production line;

IN 2017


Initial public offering of A shares and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock abbreviation: Nebula, stock code 300648;
Launched an intelligent manufacturing production line for power lithium battery systems;

IN 2018


Researched and developed DC charging piles to boost the development of the new energy vehicle industry;
The first automatic assembly line for fuel cell membrane electrode processing was launched;

IN 2019


Jointly established CNTE with CATL to increase the promotion of smart energy applications;

IN 2020


The chemical composition test system developed by the company has been successfully applied on the client side;
Products such as energy storage converters and smart energy management cloud platforms have been applied in the construction of intelligent supercharger stations for optical storage, charging and inspection in many places across the country, and promoted the development of the distributed energy industry;

IN 2021


Construct MW-level energy storage converter test and verification center;
The self-developed NIC PRO smart home sharing charging pile was officially released;

IN 2022

Nebula Science and Technology Park

It has been recognized as a national enterprise technology center
It is certified by ISO/ IEC2000-1:2018 international standard
Energy storage converter PCS630 CE version is released
Establish "Postdoctoral Innovation practice Base"
Hasbro transformers IP authorized to launch a joint household shared charging pile
New energy project production base settled in Yibin