Company Profile

Nebula is a leading manufacturer of battery test system, providing comprehensive battery testing and automation solutions, as well as EV charger and Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions.We are driven by a passion to examine the science, mechanics, and possibility of battery test and energy storage solutions. To help create a world that is carbon neutral and sustainable, Nebula is working on uncompromising quality, accuracy, reliability and long operational life duration.

At Nebula, we understand the essentiality of sustainable life and strive to deliver the highest quality service and safest testing systems and equipment for both research and industry, by making world-class battery test solutions, for today’s technology, and for tomorrow’s innovation.

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Our Products and Solutions

Whether you are in search of battery testing systems for cells or packs, Battery Management Systems (BMS) or Protection Circuit Modules (PCM), regenerative charge and discharge systems, or Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) such as urban charging stations, domestic charging piles, and portable power stations - Nebula has it all. Boasting the highest quality and service in the industry, Nebula is the go-to destination for all your battery needs.

Research and Development

We invested 17% of our annual revenue into Research and Development (R&D) in order to meet the ever-increasing and evolving test requirements from customers and industries in 2021. We have 587 R&D personnel, accounting for 31.53% of the company's total workforce, so that our test solutions offer modular configurations, expansive power, integrated safety features, extended operating envelopes, integrated measurements, and rapid transient response times.

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