Nebula PCM Test System for Mobile Phone & Digital Product Li-ion Battery

A rapid tester for basic and protection characteristics testing of PCM with 1 wire solution in 1S&2S Li-ion battery pack .

Product Detail


A rapid tester for basic and protection characteristics testing of PCM with 1 wire solution in 1S&2S Li-ion battery pack


The applicable IC includes the series management ICs of TI Corporation (such as BQ27742, BQ277410, BQ28z610,BQ27541, BQ27545,BQ2753X).

System features:

• Support various gas gauge ICs, quick test and high accuracy;

 Independent channels and modular design make it easy to maintain, sophisticated data reporting function

 Simultaneous testing for each independent channel: superior testing speed;

 High accuracy;

 All test data are uploaded on stored on the server database with searching and tracking function

Test Items:

Static Current Consumption Test

On-resistance Test

Capacitance Measurement

Multi-level Protection Function Test

Protection Point and Time Capture

Gas gauge IC flashing and calibration

Compatible with HDQ, I2C, SMBus Communication Protocols

Adjustable Communication electrical level and Frequency


Index Range Accuracy
Analog battery output voltage 50~2000mV ±(0.01%R.D+0.01%F.S)
2000~5000mV ±(0.02%R.D+0.01%F.S)
Constant current source output current 30A~50A Download time: 20mS
20A~30A ±30mA
3A~20A ±10mA
20mA~3000mA ±(0.01%R.D+0.02%F.S)
Capacitance measurement 200nf~2000nf ±(10% R.D. +10nF)
Current Consumption measurement mA Level)0~3000mA ±0.01% R.D+0.02%F.S
uA Level)1-2000uA ±0.01% R.D+1uA
nA Level)20-1000nA ±0.01%R.D +20nA

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