Nebulas participated in co-formulation of many national standards

Nebulas is the full-right member of the National Automobile Standardization Technical Committee Electric Vehicle/Sub-Committee Power Battery Standards Working Group, the National Electrotechnical Equipment Standardization Technical Committee/Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment Standards Working Group and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Lithium Ion Battery Safety Standards Special Working Group. Nebula participated in the drafting of 4 national standards, (GB/T31486-2015) "Electric vehicle power battery electrical performance requirements and test methods", (GB/T31484-2015) "Electric vehicle power battery cycle life requirements and test Methods, (GB/T38331-2019) "General technical requirements for lithium-ion battery production equipment", (GB/T38661-2020) "Technical conditions for electric vehicle battery management systems."


Post time: Jul-07-2020