Nebula first batch of storage, charging and testing integrated intelligent fast charging station officially started construction

Recently, located in the mawei Internet of things center, kuaian bus station, mawei stadium north of the storage,charging and testing integration of intelligent quick charging station officially started construction.  These three intelligent quick charging stations areintelligent platforms integrating three functions, such as energy storage service, charging service and ev testing service. After completionthey will meet the convenience of fast charging services for 24 vehicles at the same time. Single charging gun has super fast power-up function, the maximum output power is 180KWAt the same time,it is the first to realize the function of high voltage platform and downward stepless compatibility. The voltage range is: 150V-1000V.The quick charging station not only innovatively integrates the battery safety testing function, but also adopts  the energy internet cloud platform based on big data.


The charging station consists of energy storage container, integrated / split charge machine, EMS energy management system, big data intelligent operation and maintenance cloud platform and so on,using AC/DC mixed network technology to realize the V2G function, can solve  the problem of grid fluctuation and energy conversion efficiency caused by fast charging,which is 30% more efficient than the current AC / DC charging pile,solve the problem of energy attenuation, reduce operating costs.The power station system can be used not only connected to the grid, but also off-grid. When the AC side of the grid is not supplied, the system can be used as an emergency power station to supply power to the AC or DC side.


As cost reduction and application model of mature, lithium battery energy storage in the power supply side and grid side and user side markets  a wide range of applications in the field of Nebula corporation as lithium battery equipment professional providers, has always been focused on energy storage market development, on the one hand,  it actively reserves the high-power electronic technology involved in the core equipment of energy storage,  and investment in the corresponding industrialization project of intelligent power converter control system and high power charging pile project, on the other hand,it reached strategic cooperation with CATL in the energy storage field and jointly set up a joint venture company Fujian Contemporary Nebula Energy Technology Ltd.The main products of  CNTE include: intelligent micro grid, mobile power vehicle, intelligent backup power, integrated development of intelligent power station integrating storage, charging and inspection, etc., which can provide leading intelligent energy storage system solutions for charging and energy storage operators. 


Nebula corporation believes that the development of energy storage technology in the future will drive the widespread popularization of electric vehicles, and the accelerated penetration of electric vehicles in the lives of the general public will promote the further demand for energy storage in society, the two complement each other. And the years of storage in the field of electric vehicle battery testing and energy storage equipment will lead the company to a new level of development!

Post time: Aug-25-2020