Power Battery Pack End-of-Line Testing System

Power Battery Pack End-of-Line Testing System is designed for testing high power battery.

Product Detail


Power battery pack EOL tester is designed for high power battery. Verify all the possible faults and safety problems that may happen battery pack assembly process. It is able to communicate with the MES. All the test results will be saved in MES local PC.

1.1 Single EOL static test

CAN communication test, Pack initial data test, Production safety test, programming, relay function test, BMS function test, fast charge signal test, slow charge signal test etc.

1.2 Dynamic test with cycling test equipment

HPPC test, DCR test, Pack dynamic data test, SOC current regulation, capacity test, BMS current accuracy test etc.

1.3 MES seamless computing

Adopting powerful data computing function, it can be seamlessly connected to MES system, uploading test data and test report, searching and querying test data, as well as monitoring the operation status of production line in real time, so as to improve the automation level and promote efficiency of the production line.

Test items

Pack voltage test

ACIR test

Cell voltage difference test

DCIR test

Capacity screening

Pulse test

Voltage difference balance

Communication test

Total voltage test

Temperature test


IR test of heating box

Cooling fan test

Acquisition accuracy test

Ignition signal test

Low-voltage power supply test

Charging test

Failure warning function test

SOC adjustment

Shell insulation and withstand voltage test

Connector insulation and withstand voltage test

BMU communication test

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