1500kW Nebula Power Conversion System

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Power Conversion System is a device for bidirectionally converting electrical energy between a battery system and a power grid (and/or load) can control the charging and discharging process of the battery. For AC-DC conversion, it can directly supply AC load without grid.
Energy storage converters are widely used in electric power systems, rail transportation, military, shore-based, petroleum machinery, new energy vehicles, wind power generation, solar photovoltaic and other fields, to achieve bi-directional flow of energy in grid peak shaving and valley filling, smoothing power fluctuations, energy recycling, backup power, grid connections for renewable energy etc, to actively support the grid voltage and frequency and improve the quality of power supply.

1、Efficient conversion: Three-level topologies technolgy for efficient energy conversion with conversion rate up to 99%;
2、High adaptability: Anti-islanding, high and low voltage ride-through function with THD ≤ 3%;
3、Conveniency and flexibility: Modular design, centralized management and control for easy operation and maintenance;
4、Safety and reliability: Multiple safety protections and bi-directional battery charge/discharge management for improved battery life;
5、Strong compatibility: Compatible with a variety of battery interfaces and multiple charge and discharge operation modes;
6、Smart and friendly: DSP control, key device failure warning, and support grid-connected/ island mode operation;
7、Effective communication: The embedded EtherCAT bus enables the fastest and most reliable communication with external devices and a high degree of synchronisation.
8、Wide application: Suitable for peak shaving and valley filling, frequency regulation, micro-grid, backup power, load smoothing, and power quality optimization.


1500kW Nebula Power Conversion System
Specification Model NEPCS-15001500-E101
Dimension W*D*H:1600*750*2100mm
DC Max. DC Power 1761kW
Max. DC Voltage 1500V
Working voltage 800V~1500V
Max. DC Current 1790A
AC Rated Power 1500kW
Max. AC Current 1506A
Grid Voltage  AC 550/690V±15%
THD ≤3%
Power Factor >0.99
Efficiency ≥99%
Environment & Safety IP Rating IP20
Noise <75dB
Working Environment  Temperature -30~55℃; Humidity 0~95%RH (No condensation)

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