(120kW) Nebula All-in-one Off-board DC charger

Product Detail

Nebula All-in-one Off-board DC charger is an auxiliary device for charging a battery of electric vehicles. The basic components include: power unit, control unit, metering unit, charging ports, power supply interface and human-computer interface. In strict compliance with national industry standards, the charger’s protection level reaches IP54. In addition, charger’s unique on-board power battery safety detection function can realize rapid battery testing of new energy vehicles while charging, thereby ensuring the battery safety & reliability and improving its service life.

1、Energy efficient: Large output power of a single gun is 120kW, meeting the needs of fast charging, with charging efficiency up to 95.5%.
2、Safe and reliable: Active & comprehensive protection functions, and strong environmental adaptability
3、Superior operation and easy maintenance: modular design, remote upgrade, operation and maintenance, fault diagnosis are available;
4、Strong compatibility: Conform to existing and original DC charging national standards; the equipment features more intelligent and smart sharing, facilitating multiple ways of payment and methods of charging;
5、Dynamic allocation: Power intelligent dynamic allocation meet the needs of fast charging power to the greatest extent.
6、Plug and Charge: support VIN code or remote intelligent binding vehicle users for convenient charging;
7、Detection: unique on-board power battery safety detection for improving battery service life.
8、Power module: Adopting constant power standard modules of State Grid to realize ultra-wide range constant power charging;


(120kw) Nebula All-in-one Off-board DC charger
Model NEAOCDC-12075025002-E101
Dimension W*D*H:700*500*1750
Number of charging guns Double gun
Output voltage DC200~750V
Current Range 0~250A
Power factor >0.99
Max.Power 120kW
Working Temperature -20℃~55℃
Working Mode Single-gun charge /equalizing charge/ fast charge
Protection Overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, over temperature, reverse polarity protection.
IP rating IP54
Installation Floor type

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